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Are you planning a dinner party but you don’t have time to do the grocery shopping and cooking? Or you just want to enjoy the evening with your guests instead of spending most of the time in the kitchen and missing the fun time? Memo can help.

Memo can provide a first class meal for you and your guests anywhere and anytime. Memo will do the shopping, cooking, serving and cleaning up.

Every event is special, we want to build a menu around you and your guests.

Email and tell Memo your idea, your favourite food and the experience you want for your guests. We will create varied bespoke menus and quotes to choose from.



You always wanted to learn the basics of Italian cuisine but never had the time for a cookery class. No worries! Memo is coming to your home to cook together amazing food. Memo will provide the ingredients and you the kitchen. Why don’t you call some friends? An individual cooking class can turn into a fun group activity or a birthday party!

For more info and quotes email:



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