Christmas, birthday, anniversary…A cookery class is a great gift for your foodie friends, partner or family member in any occasion!

You can choose the value of your voucher: 10£, 20£, 30£!

The person receiving the voucher will get a discount on a cookery class of his/her choice.

Buon appetito!

Follow this link to buy a gift voucher:



If you were so lucky to receive a MEMO VOUCHER it’s now time to book a cookery class and make some delicious food together!

Follow this link and check out the next cookery classes at MEMO.

The voucher is valid on any event listed in calendar.

You can use the voucher one time only.

Pick your class and use the voucher code at the checkout to redeem your discount!

Now get ready for your class and bring all your appetite!

See you soon.





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