Memo (from Latin memorandum est, “It must be remember that”) is a note that helps us to remember something important. Memo Cookery School wants to remind people how important it is cooking together a meal and sharing the food we love.

Giulia is the cook and mind behind Memo. She is an Italian girl from Florence, Tuscany, with an insatiable passion for food and teaching people her favourite recipes. At Memo you will learn traditional Italian dishes passed down from generation to generation, food from Giulia’s childhood memories that you won’t taste anywhere else.

Giulia trained in Cuisine Basics at Le Cordon Bleu (Florence) and refined her techniques attending advanced courses at Leiths Cookery School (London). She was a contestant and winner of the Italian cooking TV show “Cuochi e Fiamme“. She likes to play with exotic ingredients discovered in her travels around the world but she never forgets the simplicity and authenticity of her Italian heritage.

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