Cooking is fun but cooking together is even better! 

Great food is the result of the synergy of the people involved in the cooking process.

There are many variables in a recipe that could go wrong. One false step can ruin the whole dish: too much salt, overcooked pasta, too spicy… Like in any other job you need to be open to learn, follow instructions and work in a team. The recipe of success is to recognise your own limits, ask for advice and respect everyone’s time and effort invested in the process.

A cookery class is a great team building activity. You will improve communication, create confidence within your employees and share the tasty results of your team work.

Are you thinking to organise a team building event at your office? Memo is here for you. Together we can plan a cookery class at your business premises or book a customised cookery class for your team in a professional kitchen.

For info please email:

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