Ravioli and tortelli class, ready to mingle!

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“Ravioli?? Tortelli? Isn’t the same thing? What’s the difference? Shape? Filling?”

I have heard those questions so many times…It can be confusing and that is why I decided to do a 3 hrs focus class on STUFFED PASTA: RAVIOLI VS TORTELLI.

There are so many varieties out there that even the Italians get lost in the jungle of regional specialities like pansotti, cappellacci, agnolotti, tortellini, casunzei etc.etc.

In this 3hrs hands-on class you will learn:

  • to distinguish tortelli from ravioli
  • shapes and names of some (there are hundreds!) regional stuffed pasta
  • to make the pasta dough from scratch
  • to roll the dough with a pasta machine
  • to fold and shape the pasta in 3 and more ways
  • to make a traditional filling
  • to balance flavours and seasoning

During the class you will:

  • make ravioli and tortelli to bring at home
  • cook and taste your creations
  • receive a booklet with the recipes of the class and more sauces to go with them
  • spend a great night sharing food and laughter with other people


CLASS & TICKETS INFO on Designmynight:  follow the link



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